Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dateline: April 15, 2017, On the ground in Italy, Part II

The balcony can seat 6-12 people.  The picture below does not show a built in grill and small washing machine.  Yes, the washing machine is on the balcony.  The dryer is also on the balcony in the form of a rack where we hang our clothes.  This is standard procedure in Italy almost regardless of how wealthy a person might be.   Unfortunately, the balcony attracts pigeons - less now that we followed the advice of many and tossed three unhatched eggs.  Yes, I am a heartless pigeon killer. Please don't report me to the SPCA.  Surely they have a special exception allowing cruelty to pigeons and geese.

Here is the rather small kitchen from its doorway.  Everything is a bit tinier/narrower than an American kitchen; the fridge (mostly out of view) is quite tall. The cupboard above the sink is a dish drying rack.  It has a grated bottom with a small drip pan underneath.  Rather clever I think.  There is a small table in the corner opposite the fridge.  A microwave is mounted somewhat high on the wall in the corner opposite the stove.  

The bathtub is unusually tall.  Getting in and out is a challenge, enough so that we have considered buying a little step stool.  There is no shower curtain and the shower head is on the long side of the tub in the middle (what were they thinking).  There is a movable plastic wall attached at one end of the tub that is easily knocked out of place.  It covers 80% of the side and none of the back; so, water splashes out the back side/end - nice touch.  

The bedroom is nondescript with floor to ceiling closets/cupboards along the inside wall and a small balcony on the outside wall.  The bed raises from the bottom frame (almost as if it were a murphy bed) to reveal storage for extra blankets, etc. below the mattress.  The bed is comfortable - if you like your mattress hard as a rock. Fortunately, we have a two inch pad that makes it almost comfortable.  We also have a tiny second bedroom for visitors.

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