Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dateline: April 15, 2017, On the ground in Italy, Part II

The balcony can seat 6-12 people.  The picture below does not show a built in grill and small washing machine.  Yes, the washing machine is on the balcony.  The dryer is also on the balcony in the form of a rack where we hang our clothes.  This is standard procedure in Italy almost regardless of how wealthy a person might be.   Unfortunately, the balcony attracts pigeons - less now that we followed the advice of many and tossed three unhatched eggs.  Yes, I am a heartless pigeon killer. Please don't report me to the SPCA.  Surely they have a special exception allowing cruelty to pigeons and geese.

Here is the rather small kitchen from its doorway.  Everything is a bit tinier/narrower than an American kitchen; the fridge (mostly out of view) is quite tall. The cupboard above the sink is a dish drying rack.  It has a grated bottom with a small drip pan underneath.  Rather clever I think.  There is a small table in the corner opposite the fridge.  A microwave is mounted somewhat high on the wall in the corner opposite the stove.  

The bathtub is unusually tall.  Getting in and out is a challenge, enough so that we have considered buying a little step stool.  There is no shower curtain and the shower head is on the long side of the tub in the middle (what were they thinking).  There is a movable plastic wall attached at one end of the tub that is easily knocked out of place.  It covers 80% of the side and none of the back; so, water splashes out the back side/end - nice touch.  

The bedroom is nondescript with floor to ceiling closets/cupboards along the inside wall and a small balcony on the outside wall.  The bed raises from the bottom frame (almost as if it were a murphy bed) to reveal storage for extra blankets, etc. below the mattress.  The bed is comfortable - if you like your mattress hard as a rock. Fortunately, we have a two inch pad that makes it almost comfortable.  We also have a tiny second bedroom for visitors.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dateline: April 15, 2017, On the ground in Italy, Part I

We were picked up at the airport by another missionary couple and brought to the apartment we will occupy for the next 18 months - it had been stocked with a reasonable amount of food.  Now if only there had been cookies or cinnamon rolls hot out of the oven.  Is that too much to ask?  Our apartment is on the third floor, half way back on the right side.  We have an underground parking spot.  Of dozens of apartments in the mission, this is considered the nicest.
The courtyard between the two identical buildings pictured from the entry way to our stairwell (there are four stairwells). 
A nap and unpacking were on our agenda for the afternoon.  The apartment is very comfortable. Take a look - dining area and living room from the front door.  The curtain covers a large sliding door to the covered balcony.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dateline: April 14, 2017, Salt Lake Airport

Here we are ready to fly to Rome - strangely enough via Detroit.  Some might ask why would we give up a relatively easy life of retirement, travel, family and friends (to say nothing of cookies) to go to Rome and help the missionaries through administrative efforts.  We will certainly miss our four children, their spouses and six amazing grandchildren (although we have high hopes of visits from family and friends).

We have been abundantly blessed by the hand of God - that we cannot deny.  To serve in this capacity is to show our love for Him and appreciation for His many blessings.

We feel as the apostle Paul said in Romans 1:16 - For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; 

Speaking of Paul, there is reason to believe that both Paul and Peter came to Rome and taught of Christ.  In a minor way, we hope to do likewise, if not by spoken word by our actions and example to others.