Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dateline: April 15, 2017, On the ground in Italy, Part I

We were picked up at the airport by another missionary couple and brought to the apartment we will occupy for the next 18 months - it had been stocked with a reasonable amount of food.  Now if only there had been cookies or cinnamon rolls hot out of the oven.  Is that too much to ask?  Our apartment is on the third floor, half way back on the right side.  We have an underground parking spot.  Of dozens of apartments in the mission, this is considered the nicest.
The courtyard between the two identical buildings pictured from the entry way to our stairwell (there are four stairwells). 
A nap and unpacking were on our agenda for the afternoon.  The apartment is very comfortable. Take a look - dining area and living room from the front door.  The curtain covers a large sliding door to the covered balcony.

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